Hey there!

Ive just moved in to my Uni house for my second year and i feel like i havent stopped moving! Finally sitting down now to plan some posts in my onesie! 

While i was unpacking my kitchen stuff it gave me a great idea to do a post about food hacks that are quick and easy (and also pretty genious!). I use many of these hacks as a student and im sure you will too. So, i collected my favourites from Buzzfeed, 5 minute life hacks and some of my own, put them all together and here you go! 

(((Unfortunately i cannot upload any pictures as i currently have no wifi for the next month!!! :'( but i will do my best with the description!)))


1) Wrap a sandwich (preferably ham and cheese) in tin foil, turn the iron on and press down on it for a couple of minutes, making sure both sides get done and vola!! A toastie with no fuss!

2) Use biscuit cutters to shape pancakes or eggs, lightly oil a frying pan and place the cutter in the centre, carefully drop in egg and you have made a fun breakfast for you and your family!

3) One i am yet to try myself as i cannot get hold of ready made cinnamon rolls is to put each roll into a waffle maker and drizzle with icing! I know it is more of a dessert but if its in a waffle shape its breakfast-right?

4) Hard butter is a nightmare to spread so a little trick i like to use is to heat the knife under hot water from the tap or use a hot glass and put that over the butter for a minute to soften it.

5) This is one i have grown to love, and thats pushing a straw through the bottom of a strawberry to get the stem out! Saves so much time if you were decorating a cake or just want it out to eat!

6) I also use this trick every single time i cook and saves so much time (and im sure many do too). Use a knife blade to crush the garlic clove flat making it easier to remove the outer coating.

7) A fruity hack is to squeeze lemon juice over cut apples to keep them preserved alot longer.

8) This is one for my sweet tooth readers! If you have an empty jar of nutella (who doesnt somewhere around the house!) Fill it with milk.. put it into the microwave until it is hot.. and you have just created your very own nutella hot chocolate!!

9) This is also a time saving hack and that involces using the back of a spoon to grate ginger by rubbing it along the outside!

10) Poaching rings are underestimated!? I use them not only for eggs-obviously. But for shaping rice (for a fancy dinner party) or for mini cheesecakes (Also for a fancy dinner party!) I have also tried using them for pancakes which turned out pretty well too!

So there you go, my top 10 fook hacks. Let me know if you have tried any of these or have your own hacks you love to use!

Until next time,

Byee xoxo