Hey There!

I have had such a busy week all I wanted to do was sit and write for you all ( I am currently writing this draft on a train! And I get severely travel sick so lets see how long I last!) I have been travelling a lot recently and it makes me think aboutthe price of travel fares! Its honestly a joke!

They are making it so hard to just ‘jump on a train’ to go into town or to the beach… y’know its cheaper to fly from London to Manchester than it is to get the train.. lets just think about that for a minute!

Train times are terrible too… it once took a 40 minute journey 3 hours to get there as there was one delay which causes a whole backlog.. plus it was raining… I was not a very happy bunny!

Although I have been travelling a lot recently (its mainly to work) I don’t actually have a lot going on… I don’t lead a very entertaining life however I am going to Spain soo which I cannot wait for!

This wasn’t a very long post but I just needed to get my travel thoughts off my chest!

Until next time,

Byeee xoxo