Hey There!

Here are 50 facts about me-Enjoy!

  1. I am at University
  2. I am in my second year
  3. I study Psychology
  4. I have no pets
  5. My middle name is Marie
  6. I have a boyfriend (2years)
  8. I love baking
  9. I want a dog
  10. I am obsessed with musical theatre
  11. I played Belle from Beauty and the Beast in 6th form
  12. I love to sing
  13. I’m scared of flying
  15. My favourite dinner is chilli con carne
  16. I’ve been to Florida once
  17. I met my Boyfriend in Turkey (we were both on holiday)
  18. I have never seen Star Wars
  19. I have never seen Lord of the Rings
  20. I love Harry Potter
  21. I cried when I read “The Fault in our Stars”
  23. I don’t like nuts
  24. I talk to myself ALL the time
  25. I always think someone is watching me
  26. My perfect date is ice skating
  27. My fav dessert is cheese cake or a brownie
  28. Fav film is Annie (Orginal)
  29. I started blogging in August
  30. Pumpkin spice is life
  31. My birthday is in December
  32. I tan well
  33. My fav colours are turquoise and baby pink
  34. Fav show on TV is “How I met your Mother”
  35. Also love “The Big Bang Theory”
  36. I have seen “Bridesmaids” about 5 times
  37. I can quote “Marley and Me” pretty well
  38. Harry Judd is LIFE.
  39. Family is everything
  40. I love making people happy
  41. I don’t shower everyday
  42. I don’t wash my hair everyday
  43. I did street jazz for about 5 years
  44. I got 1A, 6B’s, 5C’s in my GCSES (2014)
  45. I got D* ,B,C at A-level and B (AS)
  46. I prefer chocolate over flowers
  47. I am ALWAYS ill
  48. I live I’m my overdraft (I’m a student.. I cant help it)
  49. I own 1 pair of trainers
  50. I don’t like fizzy drinks

There you go! 50 weird facts about me!

Until next time,

Byeee xoxo


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  • Steven Farrar

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe broaden your online profiles soon? You’ll go far ❤

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